Functions description


Aim keybind

Aim keybind -> the keybind that will trigger the aimbot to work.

Hold keybind - will make you hold onto the key, for the aimbot to work.

Toggle keybind - will make you just press once on the key, for the aim to work.

Aim at shoot

Aim at shoot -> starts to aim in case you are shooting.


You start to shoot, and the aim starts to follow the target at the moment you start to shoot.

Aim at Scope

Aim at scope -> starts to aim when you have your scope open.


You open your scope, and the aim starts to follow the target at moment you open scope.

Degree per second

Degree per second -> amount of degrees that the aim will move for in second.

Hitscan coefficient

Hitscan coefficient -> number, that compares the priority of hitboxes.

the method of selecting the best bone has two factors:

  1. the priority of the bone in current iteration
  2. fov of the bone

now we will need to introduce two variables. currentpriority and priority.

currentpriority is equal to the priority of the bone in current iteration, its maximum number is 3, the minimum is 1.

the priority is equal to the best priority, maximum and minimum number is the same as in currentpriority.

if the priority number is higher than currentpriority number, then formula of the best hitbox will be:

1 + (priority - currentpriority) * coefficient

in that case the fov to the bone with highest priority in the current iteration multiplied by the formula on top will be less than the fov for the best bone

in case of number of priority being less than number of currentpriority the formula will be that:

1 + (currentpriority - priority) * coefficient

in that case the fov to the bone with highest priority in the current iteration will be less than fov to the best bone multiplied by the formula on top.

lets imagine two cases, first case:


second case:


lets set the number for first priority to 3, for fifth priority to 1. the coefficient for first case is 3, for 2nd case is 2

so the bestbone, if you aim at the bottom of the enemy model will be body, because:

1 + (3 - 1) * 3 = 9, thats the number of bestfov for the chest

for all the other hitboxes it will be:

1 + (1 - 1) * 2 = 2

in the second case if you aim at the bottom of the enemy model the bestbone will be body, because:

1 + (2 - 1) * 2 = 4, number of bestfov for chest

it is closer than the head, and even considering that the bestfov number is less, it is closer, so it will be selected.

hitbox priority keybind makes the hitboxes with the highest priority absolute, and ignores all other priorities.

The number of bestfov is clamped, so decimals are being rounded up.


Prediction -> predicts velocity and ballistic of the bullet.


Without the prediction the aimbot will shoot behind the target, while with it, it will try to shoot a bit further than the place where target is at, at the moment, so it can hit more bullets.

Recoil compensation system

Recoil compensation system -> compensates the recoil of weapons automatically.


The weapon without RCS will shoot higher and higher, while the RCS will follow the recoil pattern.

Target Switch Delay

Target Switch Delay -> delay between switching targets.


After killing the target aim wont go for the next enemy for the selected amount of MS.

Visbile only

Visible only -> if enabled only aims in case the enemy is visible.


If your target is standing behind the wall, then the aimbot wont follow the target.

FOV mode

FOV mode -> from where will the aimbot count the fov.

Fireport - from the barrel of the gun.

View camera - from your point of view.


Reset mouse driver

Reset mouse driver -> allows you to reset mouse driver.


In case your aimbot or triggerbot stoped working, then you can just press the reset mouse driver, and it will start to work once again.

DPI scale

DPI scale -> changes the size of all visible elements, higher = larger.

Override FOV

Override FOV -> allow to change field of view.


With value of 120 you will see a lot wider than with value of 90.

Distance unit

Distance unit -> allows to change type of distance.

Allowed types: Kilometers, meters, yards, feets.

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