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What minidumps are

Applications can produce minidump files, which contain a useful subset of the information about exceptions.

In short words minidump is a little file, that will help us in case of you having a blue screen.

How to send minidump

  1. Go to C:\Windows\Minidump
  2. Find the latest created file.
  3. Copy the latest created file on the desktop.
  4. Send us the file from the desktop.

We also have a video guide on how to send the minidump file.


What MsInfo is

Msinfo is a collection of infromation about your pc, that helps us in fixing issues with the software.

How to find and send MsInfo

  1. Open your windows search and type in msinfo32.
  2. Press system summary in the left part of the msinfo. msinfo
  3. Go to left upper corner of msinfo, press file, export. export
  4. Take a screenshot of the msinfo, and upload it in pair with the .txt version of msinfo32.
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